Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All albums that are not sold out are available from - www.myspace.com/zebulonkosted - larger orders will receive a reduced rate per CD/Cassette!

RELEASES: 2000 - 2010

Tape-IO (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
-Extreme Metal with Abstract Space Themes
Tape-Arrakis (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
-Experimental Industrial Metal
Tape-Triton (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
-Epic Space Metal
CDr-Estotiland (Limited to 150 copies)SOLD OUT
-Viking Metal mixed with Social Commentary
CDr- She is forever burning, She is life (Limited to 150 copies)SOLD OUT
-Avant Garde Metal
CDr-Pulsar (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
-Dark Ambient and Experimental Electronics
Tape-Blood Album (Limited to 30 copies)SOLD OUT
-Psychedelic Ambient Noise with Human Blood Album Art
Tape-D'nekeew (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
-French fueled Avant Garde Ambient Noise
Tape-Thjoviljinn vs. Visir (Limited to 32 copies)SOLD OUT
-Occult Extreme Metal with Noise Intro and Finale
Tape-He who knows he doesn't know, KNOWS (Limited to 70 copies)SOLD OUT
-Bizarre Industrial Doom Metal with Ethnic Samples
Tape-Conduit/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 20 copies)SOLD OUT
-Space Ambient meets Psychotic Experimental Electronics
PRO CD-Tomhet/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 100 copies)SOLD OUT
-Canadian Ambient Black Metal meets Extreme Noise Metal
CDr-Cavernous Quiet (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
-Extreme Metal with Psychedelic Guitar and Electronic Interludes
CDr-Issyk Kul (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
-Dark Experimental Metal
CDr-Bethroned/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
-Croatian Pagan Ambient meets Experimental Extreme Metal
CDr-Hopeless/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
-Spanish Depressive Black Metal meets Experimental Extreme Metal
Tape-Giving in to the black featureless void (Limited to 20 copies)SOLD OUT
-Psychedelic Space Synthesizer with Acoustic Guitar and Chanted Vocals
Tape-Sargagantas/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)$5
-Ohio Black Noise meets Montana Black Noise
Tape-Al Qaeda/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT IN 36 HOURS!
-San Francisco Psychedelic Noise meets Bozeman Psychedelic Noise
Tape-(((o)))/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)$6
-Mexican Drone Doom meets Experimental Metal
PRO CD-All The Cold/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 100 copies)SOLD OUT
-Russian Black Metal meets Extreme Metal
DVD-Neuschwabenland (Limited to 45 copies)SOLD OUT
-2 Full Live Shows and 2 Music Videos with Ridiculous Credits
CDr-Artektronic/Zebulon Kosted Collaboration "5"(Limited to 55 copies)$5.55
-English American Numerology Nightmare Electronics
5 CDs-NOIZEBULON BOX SET (Limited to 10 copies)SOLD OUT
-4 CDs of Experimental Electronics with the Fifth Being the First Four Mixed Together
CDr-Busukyangbernanah/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)$5
-Indonesian Dark Electronics meets Black Noise
CDr-Live at the Zebra March 21st, 2009 (Limited to 21 copies)SOLD OUT
-Preview of the 2009 West Coast Tour Set
PRO CD-Dragons Blood - Die Nibelungen Part One (Limited to 100 copies)SOLD OUT
-Medieval Metal with Acoustic Guitar and Glorious Ambient Sections
Tape-Norss/Tomhet/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)$5
-Dutch Drone meets Canadian Space Ambient meets Space Noise
CDr-Through the fog of life (Limited to 20 copies)SOLD OUT
-Psychedelic Acoustic Guitar with Arabic Samples and Experimental Ambient
CDr-Terre & Neige/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 100 copies)$6
-Moroccan Dark and Distressing Ambient meets Dark Folk with Ukrainian Samples
3" CD-E.A.R.S./Zebulon Kosted Split Limited to 50 copies)$5
-Greek Mashup Music meets Black Noise
CDr-Skirr/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)SOLD OUT
-English Psychedelic Black Drone meets Experimental Electronics
Tape-Love, Immolation, Dylan Smith (Limited to 20 copies)SOLD OUT
-Harsh Vocals with Space Synthesizers All Lyrics by Dylan Smith
Tape-HIGH ABOVE THE HORIZON (Limited to 99 copies)$4
-Dark Doom Metal with Experimental Electronics and Acoustic Interludes
Tape-Blood Album Part 2 (Limited to 30 copies)$4
-Psychedelic Ambient Noise with Human Blood Album Art
CDr-Arcane Asylum / Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 300 copies)$11
-California Blackened Death Rock meets Extreme Noise Metal
Download-Acrybia / Z. K. Split (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5R0QR920)
-Polish Industrial Death Metal meets Experimental Industrial Metal
Tape-Novaya Zemlya (Limited to 53 copies)SOLD OUT
-Black Noise with a Rolling Sample of a Curse Being Put on the Listener
Tape-Zarach Baal Tharagh / Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 200 copies)$5
-French Black Metal meets Experimental Metal and Black Noise
DVD-Live at Yayos May 30th, 2009 (Limited to 100 copies)$7
-9th Show of the 2009 West Coast Tour
Tape-Crawfish 81 / Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)$5
-Libyan Intelligent Electronics meets Throat Singing and Space Synthesizer
CDr-Enlil - Live in Sumeria 9/19/09 (Limited to 100 copies)$4
-Dark Ambient Ritual with Tribal Drums and Mixed Screaming and Throat Singing
3 Cassettes-THE ODESSA BOX SET (Limited to 50 copies)$13
-Dark Doom Metal with Secret Woodwinds and Acoustic Guitar
CDr-Ten Years in Space Part 1 - Best of Zebulon Kosted METAL $8
-The Greatest of all the Zebulon Kosted Metal Tracks
CDr-Ten Years in Space Part 2 - Best of Zebulon Kosted EXPERIMENTAL $8
-The Greatest of all the Zebulon Kosted Experimental Tracks
CDr-Hashasheen Part 4 (Limited to 20 copies)$5
-Experimental Electronics with Avant Garde Metal
PRO CD-Death of a Hero - Die Nibelungen Part Two $15
-Medieval Metal with Martial Drumming and 4 Part Vocal Harmonies
Tape-Wrzesien / Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 100 copies)$5
-Missoula Experimental Electronics meets Stevensville Space Ambient
Tape-Redsk / Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 100 copies)$5
-Michigan Noise Insanity meets Dark Synthesizer Music
Tape-Woven / Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 100 copies)$5
-Missouri Post Doom Experimental meets Throat Singing with Black Drone
2 CDs-The Thuru Project (Limited to 37 copies)$11
-Dark Doom Metal with Acoustic Guitar on Disc One Experimental on Disc Two
Download-Alost / Zebulon Kosted Split (http://www.sendspace.com/file/s6t9h9)
-French Blackened Death Metal meets Doom Metal with Acoustic Guitar and Ambient
Tape-Esperik Glare / Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 111 copies)$5
-Wyoming Experimental Electronics meets Void Ambient with Frightening Vocals
-Interdimensional Extreme Metal with Synthesizer and Wood Flute interludes
CDr-RedSK / Nathan Watson / Rectal Twat / Zebulon Kosted Split $5
-Sick and Disgusting Noise that is intended to hurt you inside
CDr-Paregorik / Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 50 copies)$4
-Intelligent and Artsy Experimental Electronics from both parties involved
CDr-Blood Album Part 3 (Included with BTWATN T-Shirt pre-orders)SOLD OUT
-Unless you ordered this shirt, you will never own this album!